New original drawings and limited edition prints

I’m really proud to show everyone my latest available original drawings and limited edition prints. These drawings are all from my latest series, “Floating Heads”. They’re quirky, graphite pencil drawings of some of my favourite weird looking animals. Click the links below to view these hilarious little guys as original art works or as prints in the shop.

I’ve had so much fun drawing these crazy little heads. I haven’t drawn so much in a long time as I’ve been concentrating a lot more on my painting skills, which has been great because I love working with colours but drawing is my first love and I’d forgotten how much I really enjoy it. It comes really naturally to me so it’s quite a relaxing, almost meditative process for me. Hours can go by in what feels like minutes. These are only the A4 “Floating Heads” that I’ve finished. I have a lot more A3 ones which I’m still in the process of making available for prints so get ready to see a lot more hilarious faces looking back at you.