Prices negotiated on project by project basis

I love murals. I see them as an extension of the art that I create in my studio but on a much larger scale. In this, I have tended to work on fully commissioned projects in residential or commercial spaces. I have found that the best projects typically come from good communication and collaboration with my clients.

I enjoy the process of creating art around my client’s requirements. Typically in a residential setting, a wall mural will need to compliment the decor and outlook of a room. In a commercial setting, projects often involve a specific goal, other than aesthetics. These could include incorporating logos, creating a fun work environment for staff, creating a particular feel for their customers or promoting a specific event.

The images on this page are all examples of my completed mural work. My client biggest client to date has been one40william in Perth where I have painted masses of monsters, hipsters, blood cells and even done some sign-writing for a pop-up event!


I am extremely environmentally conscious and do my best to minimise any negative environmental impact from my creations. Due to the differing material requirements of my various projects, I develop and discuss relevant strategies on a project by project to ensure compliance with my customer’s environmental policies, relevance to the site and appropriateness based on the materials used.

Insurance / Health & Safety

I am a professional artist and understand the liability impact that uninsured contractors can have on a business. To protect my clients and myself, I carry a range of insurance coverage and the appropriate licenses to minimise risk and provide peace of mind.

  • Elevating Work Platforms Licence WP Class
  • WA Drivers Licence C Class
  • Public Liability $20,000,000
  • Products Liability $20,000,000
  • Tenants Liability $10,000,000
  • Property in Physical and Legal Control $50,000
  • Professional Indemnity $5,000,000
  • Personal Accident up to $1,000/week for one year

Perth Murals

I am based in Perth (Western Australia) and have my own vehicle which I can use to travel to any part of the city. If you would like to discuss your ideas for a mural, I would be happy to visit your site and begin brain-storming a mural to meet your needs.

Australian Murals (other than Perth)

Typically for projects outside of Perth, I would develop a fairly strong concept before travelling to meet in person. This can be done over the phone with the aide of photos and other emailed imagery. I do this to reduce costs and speed up execution on-site through proper planning. Please be aware that I will need private accommodation (no shared bathrooms or dorms) and prebooked return travel prior to my setting out.

Overseas Murals

I am a keen traveller and welcome the opportunity to create art outside of Australia. As with other Australian murals away from Perth, I would typically want to have a good idea of the scope and design for any projects before I get on a plane. This is to ensure that work progresses smoothly on my arrival. Due to the added complexity of billing overseas customers, I typically also require a larger deposit before I set out than I would for domestic projects and may ask for progress payments as the work progresses. As with projects around Australia, I will require, as a minimum, private accommodation (no shared bathrooms or dorms) and prebooked return travel prior to my setting out.

Please also be aware that I am an Australia citizen and will require an appropriate visa to complete any murals outside of Australia as I will not work illegally on travel and holiday visas.


Because all commissioned murals are very different I can’t put standard pricing up on the website. If you’d like to commission me to paint a mural, contact me with the form below so that we can discuss the details and I can give you a tailored quote.