Indian Goddess Painting

Original acrylic and graphite painting on wood. 300 x 400mm



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Original Indian Goddess painting.

A beautiful, exotic painting using acrylic paint, graphite, ink and leaves on wood with a visible natural grain.

I’m really happy with the way my Indian Goddess painting/drawing turned out. It was great experimenting with wood and all the things you can do with it. I started off just printing a photo I had taken on to it of a beautiful beach in Thailand that my husband and I had visited on our honeymoon where someone had hung wind chimes on the trees made out of flowers and bits of coral and drift wood. It was such a magical spot with amazing snorkeling and soft white sand. Then I kept adding to it, drawing a peaceful looking woman onto it as I was reminded of how peaceful and relaxed we had been on that beach and then decorating her with painted leaves and an Indian style head dress, until this beautiful Indian Goddess appeared. I love all the natural grain of the wood running through it. It gives a really warm glow to the whole piece. Also I get to combine two of my favourite art techniques, painting and drawing.

I think you’ll all be seeing a lot more goddesses. I was thinking I might even combine my goddesses with my commissioned portraits and turn you all into goddesses if you’re interested. It would be so much fun. We could pick out your favourite colours and parts of nature that you really feel connected with and I could experiment and give you a few ideas until we discover your inner goddess and turn it into a piece of art for you to keep forever.


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1100x600mm, 778x424mm