Christmas Portraits

Dogs in Denim PortraitIt’s coming up to Christmas again which means you’ve got to think of a heart felt, sentimental present for about a million people…who has time for that?! That’s where I come in! What’s more heart felt and sentimental than a custom portrait of your loved ones or of their favourite animal! Yay! Problem solved! It’s going to get crazy though and I only have two hands and only one of them can actually draw well so if you’d like to organise a portrait for someone you’d better get in quick so that I have time to draw it up before the big day.


CloudIf portraits aren’t you’re thing I’m able to do pretty much any art commission you throw at me. It could be an acrylic on canvas painting, a watercolour, a drawing of anything you like or even a mural! I also have original paintings for sale or limited edition prints of my work. So let your imagination run wild and let’s create something really cool that they can treasure forever.

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