Drawing Workshop Fun

So I’m finally getting around to telling you how the drawing workshop at Art Space Collective went. It’s been a bit hectic lately between doing the 7 walls of murals at 140 William, renovating our kitchen and keeping up with my portraiture work. All of which have been really fun and exciting.


Drawing Workshop

The drawing workshop was great. I had some really lovely ladies come and join me on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the beautiful Art Space Collective workshop room. I was so impressed with what the ladies turned out.

We worked on portraiture so everyone brought in a photo to work from and I gave them some tips on how to make the best of their pieces.

I’d definitely run another workshop in the future. I’ve learned so much from this last one about what people struggle with and how to explain techniques better. I’ve been talking to Art Space Collective about it and we’ll probably set up another one at the beginning of next year some time so stayed tuned. I’ll let you all know as soon as we’ve worked out an official date.